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Could Rangers & Celtic be on their way to the English League?

Ambitious plans unveiled by the Football League open door for Old Firm move.

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

For years Rangers and Celtic have threatened Scottish football with upping sticks and moving to the riches on offer south of the border in the Premier League. Under ambitious proposals launched today by the Football League it could be one step closer to becoming reality with clubs set to vote on expanding from the current 92 clubs to 100.

The proposals would see five 20-team divisions created, a winter break implemented and early rounds of the FA Cup played in midweek. It will, however, likely face opposition from clubs in Leagues One & Two as they face up to losing four home gates per season. Any plans would need approval of 90% of Football League clubs, the Premier League and the FA although clubs wont vote on any changes until after next season.

Were the plan to go ahead Rangers and Celtic could begin life as Football League clubs as early as 2019/20 with six clubs being invited to join the newly-created League Three.

Football League chief executive Shaun Harvey wouldn't rule out a move down south for Rangers & Celtic but admitted any cross-border jump would be difficult to convince clubs to favour it. He said: "The whole discussion can be had but I suspect the wider this gets drawn, the harder it would be to deliver to our clubs and the rest of the stakeholders in the game."