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Morning Roundup: African Bouncy, Windass blown away & more

Africans, sectarianism and Scott Brown doing Scott Brown things in Tuesday’s Morning Roundup

Day two of the revived Morning Roundup and we’re slowly working through the haze of Tennent’s and revolting, caffeinated tonic but we promised news every morning and, unlike a certain Donegal-based blogger, we’re true to our word. So, here’s the news.

Under-19’s teach African weans the Bouncy

During their trip to South Africa the under-19 squad paid a visit to Umqhele School in Midrand. As part of their “cultural exchange” some of the lads took it upon themselves to teach the locals a new song or two...

Scott Brown is a dribbling idiot...

I know this isn’t really news but Scott Brown went and gave Mark Warburton his team-talk ahead of the first Old Firm game of the season when he claimed that Aberdeen were a bigger threat to Celtic. Maybe if we bring in a Gibraltarian taxi driver before the transfer window shuts...

Campaign to repeal OBFA launched

MSP James Kelly has started a campaign to repeal the controversial Offensive Behaviour at Football Act claiming it has “damaged trust between football fans and the police without doing anything to combat sectarianism and intolerance in our country”. The Labour MSP for Glasgow looks to engage clubs and supporter’s groups across the country to highlight public feeling towards the legislation. Club1872 has began consulting members on their stance.

Windass wowed by Ibrox bow

Josh Windass has told how he has been blown away by his move to Rangers after making his Ibrox bow against Annan in the League Cup. He signed from Accrington so it was hardly a surprise that Ibrox is a notch or nine above the Crown Ground but it’s always fairly nice to see.

Ibrox sold out for league opener

Did you really expect anything less? Although if you don’t have a brief for the Hamilton game keep an eye on the website as additional tickets are made available through secondary ticketing.

And elsewhere...

Cinema apologises after evacuating customers in the dark during power cut.

I’m no electrical engineer or lighting dude BUT I’ve been in the odd power cut or two and it does tend to get dark. I’m sure there’s more to it but I lost interest.

Oh aye, and it was Lee Wallace’s birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Lee.