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Rangers pursuing Manchester United fringe players?

Rangers could be about to make a move for one or two Manchester United players set to be cast off by José Mourinho.

Manchester United Pre-game Training & Press Conference Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Rangers' latest entirely unsubstantiated transfer rumour (Robin van Persie, predictably, looks to be a pipedream) has been doing the rounds this morning, and this one seems a little more realistic.

The José Mourinho revolution at Manchester United appears to be bad news for a few fringe players, among them striker James Wilson and defender/midfielder Paddy McNair. Now, Rangers are being linked with a move, either on loan, permanently, or a combination of the two.

Now, at the moment there's no concrete source on this at all, so it can safely be filed under 'Twitter nonsense', but it might be worth Rangers having a look here. McNair would challenge for one of the centre-back positions and offer cover at right-back and midfield, while James Wilson gives us another player to develop who seems to have a vague idea of where the goal is while possessing a fair amount of pace.

Neither are out of contract just yet, but both are likely to be sent out on loan. It's hardly a stretch to think that Mark Warburton might take an interest.

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