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What section of the Ibrox support do you belong to? Take our quiz!

Find out which section of Ibrox you should be sat in by taking our handy personality test.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

As you may have noticed by gauging the mumbling around you at Ibrox whenever a short corner is taken or Wes Foderingham tries to play the ball out from the back, Warboball isn't for everybody. Particularly not the over-55s. But there's a few different tribes within the broad church that is the Rangers matchgoer, and you might be feeling a little bit left out if you don't know where you belong.

You may even be wondering where you should get your season ticket for next year. Sure, the support may be relatively united now, but how are you going to find your wee clique when we lose to Hearts and Celtic and Barrie McKay breaks his ankle?

Well, fortunately for you, we've come to your aid. Find out exactly where you should sit and who you should be identifying with by taking our handy quiz. Roll up, roll up - scroll down to start...