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Rangers fixtures moved for TV - find the new schedule here

Two crucial Rangers away games against Hibs and Falkirk have been moved for TV purposes. Find out the changes here.

One of the sinister figures behind the decision. Possibly.
One of the sinister figures behind the decision. Possibly.
Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Rangers will have two of their games moved for TV purposes as our travelling supporters will be required to head back home at ridiculous hours to satisfy the whims of Sky and BT.

The first game to be moved is the game at Easter Road against Hibs, which was meant to take place on the 5th of March at 3pm, but has now been moved to 7:45pm on Monday night (being on a weekday is infuriating although that may otherwise be quite a spectacle.) The second is the trip to Falkirk in the same month, previously scheduled for 3pm on the 19th, which has now been moved to Friday the 18th of March, also at 7:45pm.

So, there you have it. Probably our two most crucial games for the rest of the season, so a bit of a pain if you were planning on going, or needed more drinking time for our post-match title celebrations.