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Morning roundup: Rangers offered SPFL escape route, calls to ban plastic pitches and Kevin Kyle's hobbies

The morning roundup features a resurrection of the Atlantic League, Rob Kiernan complaining about plastic pitches, and finding out what Kevin Kyle's up to,

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Morning, brothers. It's matchday again, and a crucial game for the rest of the season. Hubristically, Kilmarnock are there for the taking, but a failure would (equally hubristically) mean the probability of a relatively mundane march to promotion for the rest of the season. Still, at least there's an alternative route to some European aways on the horizon, if tomorrow's Daily Record is to be believed.

Speaking of which, here's your news...

Atlantic League talks resurrected

Yep, that old chestnut is back. With Scottish football having increasingly less to lose, and the last plans involving a promotion and relegation system with as many as five Scottish clubs involved, some might see it as a ticket out. Will it work? Could it work? Would it be a drab soulless affair? Or has our league become that already and should we face up to the reality that trips to Amsterdam and Lisbon will no doubt jade us, but probably less than going to Livingston for the fifth time in a season? Well, it probably won't matter, as it's the usual ramblings and the scheme doesn't look to have too much weight behind it. Still, we imagine we'll know more when the full story emerges.

Stuart McQuarrie gets his campaign pitch in the papers

And why not? The increasing shambles at Rangers First (the accidental inclusion of former members, the insistence this was deliberate, the subsequent removal of it and deletion of said insistences, the refusal to admit their mistake or tell us who was responsible) have left us wondering what legitimacy the elections will have left. More on that later this week, perhaps. But McQuarrie has always struck us as a good sort and has put the club above his own position before.

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Rob Kiernan calls on the SPFL to ban plastic pitches

Yep, we're still talking about pitches. GTBFO is no expert by any means here, but struggles to believe that heading to, say, Peterhead in January and shaking your cartilage to blancmange on their granite-hard surface is intrinsically better than anything artificial.

Kevin Kyle struts the oche

Well, nice to see he's finally doing something positive with his life. And that he's finally found the right sport to match his physique. GTBFO is bored senseless by the game and our eyes glaze over when we see it blared out on Twitter, much like wrestling. But at least the latter would be a more interesting crossover with football. It could really happen...