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Kilmarnock vs Rangers is LIVE... thanks to a guy with Periscope. How to watch

Gersmandan is the hero we've been waiting for.

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

As you presumably know, the continued determination to piss us all off from Police Scotland means today's games must be played at the same time as the Champions League, resulting in a media blackout and the absence of any TV or even radio coverage.

That is, until now. Step up, @gersmandan. A true hero befitting of the Rangers tradition, he (and, tbf, another guy before him, but his connection was terrible, and history remembers winners) has streamed the game to you live on Periscope.

Whether his battery will permit him to do it the second half or whether he'll take a look at his data bill, we'll find out, but you can catch the stream here. It's down at the moment, but presumably because he doesn't want us to see him going for a pish and a pie (although that would be more engaging than the usual standard of half-time chat.)

Let's launch a kickstarter and get the guy to outbid Sky and BT for the rights to broadcast all Scottish football. We can do this.