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Morning roundup: Rangers team up with Celtic and Aberdeen, and Craig Whyte's people's palace

The morning roundup features news on Craig Whyte's Belgravia existence, Rangers teaming up to fight UEFA, and the news that you may be burnt to a crisp in a taxi very soon.

Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Morning, brothers and sisters. It's getting right into the season proper now, and while Hibs' predictable bottle-job provided some course for mirth and relaxation, there's still serious question marks hanging over the team aheading into tomorrow's game. On Tuesday night, we'll know whether we've got a serious chance of silverware and a chance of a crack at them or whether we'll be solely focused on getting promoted and building for the future. Don't listen to the nothing-but-the-league-matters brigade - trophies are what the game is about, and our season next year could look drastically different with a cup victory offering a shortcut to the Europa League. See you in Guimarães!

You're paying for Craig Whyte's rent

In Belgravia, no less. Yes, this man is receiving legal aid. While it's always nice to see an evil millionaire getting their comeuppance, be they Whyte or Shkreli, it's annoying how they just seem to stay rich regardless of what happens, and we never get to see them having to move to Motherwell and turning up at the local food bank. One day...

Scotland united as clubs put old rivalries to one side for the sake of money

Well, a cynical view on things perhaps, but we might also wonder why Neil Doncaster, in another week of terrible PR, is going all-guns-blazing against some off-hand, vague remarks that constituted nothing like a concrete proposal? Now that's cynicism.

A plea to ignore the panic brigade

From occasional GTBFO contributor John McIntosh, if you missed it last night.

Taxi 'bursts into flames' at Glasgow airport

Well, that's encouraging. Up until now, the vehicle itself has widely been considered the safest part of travelling by taxicab through Scotland's largest city, but apparently you could now suddenly be consumed by a hellish inferno at any time while travelling in one. Something to look forward to the next time Derek Llambias jets in.