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Lunchtime roundup: Rangers-Kilmarnock highlights, Waghorn injury, and Barrie McKay says Rangers can win the cup

The roundup contains news on Martyn Waghorn's injury, some trash-talk from the chairman of AA Gent, and highlights from last night's glorious victory.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Happy lunchtime, brothers. A fine game last night, and even if those of us who weren't at Rugby Park struggled to see it,  it was still quite something to see the people watching on just one of the periscope streams outnumbering the Edinburgh Derby attendance. We'll have some more reaction coming throughout the day, but for now, here's the news:,

Rangers vs Kilmarnock highlights

There's not much, but you can see the goals and the reaction on Sky here from our win over Kilmarnock last night, which is in slightly better quality than you'll have seen on the Periscope if you weren't at the game.

Martyn Waghorn injury doesn't look too bad

But we'll find out more today or tomorrow. A shame, as his goal yesterday could've restored some much-needed confidence. If he's not fit for the Dundee/Dumbarton game, we'll be very light up front indeed.

Gent chairman says Rangers and Celtic should make do with what they've got

The chairman of AA Gent says that there's no need for any Atlantic League carry-on just yet and says he doesn't think any changes will happen for another ten years.

Barrie McKay says Rangers can win the Scottish Cup

Well, he would, wouldn't he? But it's nice to see us really having a proper crack at this this year.

.Alan Stubbs says last night shows there's not much of a gap between the two leagues

And yes, he's right. Unfortunately for him, there is quite a significant gap between first and second in the Championship.

Glasgow bar becomes first to be charged with illegally screening English football matches

The crackdown in Scotland has begun, and the Premier League are going to resolutely defend their billions of pounds from the tyranny of pubs wanting to show a football match at a reasonable price. Viva Periscope!