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Greg Docherty left out of Hamilton squad as Rangers look to finalise transfer

Greg Docherty looks like he’s played his last game for Accies.

2017 SPL Football Hamilton v Dundee Aug 12th Photo by David Young/Action Plus via Getty Images

Greg Docherty could have played his last game for Hamilton amid rumours that the midfielder has been left out of the squad for tomorrow’s cup game.

The suggestion comes from RockSport Radio, who have been highly reliable on Rangers’ transfer news throughout the window.

Whether the move will be confirmed today seems up in the air, but the general expectation is that it could take until the weekend to get everything through.

After an odd fraud case earlier in the season, Hamilton are believed to be pretty desperate for cash, which explains their willingness to sell their well-contracted best player in January while in the middle of a relegation battle.

We’ll follow up soon with some articles on what Greg Docherty could bring to this Rangers team. And we expect he will bring something as the deal looks almost certain to go ahead now.

Overall, it’s been a decent January.