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Rangers fans on tour in Germany: All the best photos and videos

8,000 bears are enjoying themselves in Berlin, Leipzig and beyond...

Celebrities At Oktoberfest 2016 - Day 8 Photo by Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images

Rangers take on Bundesliga side RB Leipzig tomorrow in a friendly and 8,000 Rangers fans are reported to be making the trip to Germany over the weekend. Many have taken to social media as they make their way over and we’ve gathered some of the best so far, from Berlin to Leipzig and a few airports and flights along the way.

Fans in Berlin enjoy a song in honour of Joey Garner. Or maybe to antagonise local Little Mix fans.

Kenny Miller meets some fans at the Airport

Wee bit naughty, but the other passengers seem to be enjoying it...

Doing the bouncy

Manchester Airport Loyal

In Germany and have more photos or videos to share? Send them to us by either messaging us on Twitter or posting them on our Facebook page.

We'll have full coverage of the game tomorrow too, so make sure you come back if you couldn't make the trip. The game will be available on Premier Sports, and quite possibly at your local RSC - in Glasgow, you can head to the Louden Tavern to catch it.