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The truth about the "Ibrox cash crisis" fears from Wifi company

The media is pushing a minor story about a wi-fi company as the second coming of the sevpocalypse, but there's no danger here.

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

The state of the wifi at Ibrox has been one of the worst in the country for some time now, and as any football journalist will tell you, that is quite an accolade.

There's now a legal dispute with the company, 802 Works having £300,000 of money at the club ring-fenced until the case has been decided, with Rangers also alleging that there was a breach of contract.

This has mostly been reported in the media with the eye-catching headlines saying it's due to fears about insolvency, a cash crisis, or any other number of things. Are we headed for Admin 2 that all the nice Celtic fans (who were always looking out for us and wanted the best for us) warned us about?

Well, no. Standard ploy, really, otherwise the money can't be ring-fenced. The company is alleging that the newest set of accounts shouldn't be considered and instead we should look into previous ones, when, as you may recall, the club was in a rather different state to today. The money is only ring-fenced until Friday, when a decision will be made.

In short: there's really nothing to see here. The papers will get hits from Celtic fans though, and that's what matters.