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Morning roundup: Players leaving, players staying, and valuable munchie box advice

It's another bumper day of news from Ibrox, with players leaving, players who've said they won't leave, and a wean scientist telling you what to eat.

Yer maw having a shave
Yer maw having a shave
Adam Berry/Getty Images

Good morning! It's another rollercoaster of a day for all things Rangers, so have this metaphorical bowl of porridge on us. It'll sustain you throughout the day with its slow releasing energy, and it's clinically proven to help prevent heart disease, believed to be responsible for the famed longevity and good health enjoyed by Scots.

Martyn Waghorn a transfer target for Reading and Sheffield Wednesday

Martyn Waghorn is wanted by the pair of English clubs, as we mentioned yesterday. However, the story on the back page of today's Scottish Daily Mail is that Waghorn is happy at Ibrox and doesn't fancy a transfer. Good news for all us who want to see Britain's Greatest Striker remain at the club for a wee while yet.

Martyn Waghorn joins Twitter

To show his commitment to the club, Waghorn has also decided to subject himself to people with Hector cartoon avatars with #StripTheTitles badges telling him the club will be bust by pancake day 500 times an hour.

The two Nickies off?

Rangers will apparently listen to offers for Nicky Clark and Nicky Law. Fine by us, assuming midfielders are incoming. The source on this, 'Here is the City', might not be the strongest though, so we're not sure how reliable this is.

Billy Kirkwood Q&A

One of our youth coaches, Billy Kirkwood, gave a Q&A on the Rangers Youth Development Company Twitter account, in which he appears to briefly claim that Craig Moore is the greatest player to ever come through our youth system, for some reason.

Munchie Boxes are bad for you

Who knew? Apparently it's the chemicals in the boxes, though, rather than the contents, so from what we can gather you're fine to have three of them a day as long as you ask for them in some other container (we wouldn't recommend a Lidl bag, though.) Just in case you weren't feeling decrepit enough either, one of the scientific experts interviewed in the piece is twenty-five years old. Don't know about you, but we're not keen for anyone to give us medical advice until they're old enough for the lassie to not have to guide it in with her hand.

Happy Wednesday!!