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Morning roundup: New transfer targets, new villains, and a sad passing

It's the soon-to-be-regular roundup of the morning's back pages, featuring Fernando Ricksen, Massimo Luongo, and David Bowie.

Araya Diaz/Getty Images

Welcome to the morning roundup, where we'll be posting bright and early every day with a roundup of the news from yesterday and, even, this morning.

Yesterday was a pretty busy day - there was transfer news, we got the securities over Auchenhowie released, we drew Killie in the cup, oh, and we launched the site in the first place.

But there's never a slow news day for Rangers, since half the country supports us and most other teams are too diddy for anything of note to happen, so an absurd amount of column inches need to be filled every day. Fortunately, we're collecting all that here, every morning for your perusal, including stuff that we wouldn't normally put on the main site, like whatever garbage Chris Sutton or Alan Stubbs are coming out with this week (and to be honest, most of the time this section will still ignore them.)

Anyway, let's see what's for breakfast. Links not endorsements, and aw that.

Fernando Ricksen meets Lionel Messi (Daily Record)

Fernando was at the Ballon d'Or ceremony last night to meet Lionel Messi and a few others. Something in our eye.

Rangers withdraw support from Herald (Vanguard Bears)

Rangers have apparently withdrawn £40,000 worth of advertising revenue via Parks Motor Group from the Herald after concerns over biased reporting, which seems a bit of a Celtic thing to do to be honest, but the club's got to fight for our reputation somehow.

Rangers linked to Massimo Luongo (SBS)

A new transfer target again, this time the Ballon d'Or-nominated (aye, really) Massimo Luongo of QPR.

Anthony Stokes pushing for Hibs move (The Sun)

Anthony Stokes is pushing for a move to Hibs rather than Inverness as Celtic try to punt him on loan to somewhere, anywhere for the rest of the season (nice to see they've not learned from this episode by also giving Leigh Griffiths a stupidly-long contract too.) Which is nothing to be worried about, but potentially even amused - Jason Cummings might fit into a proud recent tradition of Scottish teams having an absolute rocket up front, but he's not quite as much of a pantomime villain. Oh, and if you're wondering how Stoke will fit into the same team as 'Cummy', then rumour has it Hibs won't have to face that dilemma by the end of the window....

David Bowie dies

Dominating the papers this morning will be tributes to the legendary David Bowie, musician of some renown for many decades, most famous for doing that song on the start of the CROPod. Undoubtedly, a great man has passed - we'll not see his like again. But was he a Rangers fan? We can only speculate.