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Rangers clinched promotion back to the top flight in Scotland after cruising to a narrow win over Dumbarton.

Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

Ever feel like you've woken up from a bad dream?

This is the bit where we usually explain the game, but it would sully the occasion to talk through what was ultimately a tedious and routine win, or to find another way to say "Nicky Clark should be released in the summer." The journey, such as it was, miserable, cold, depressing, infuriating, and very briefly towards the end exhilarating, is finally, at long last, over.

There were some desperate folk last season after Motherwell who claimed that it might, ultimately, benefit us staying down an extra year. It was, to be frank, clutching at shite. But here's something - had we bumbled our way past Motherwell on that day, the celebrations we're enjoying now would be muted, confused, and looking towards an uncertain future.

As it is, we're looking forward to getting stuck in next year with a young, hungry team and a positive, forward-thinking manager. Before we even begin we already hold numerous advantages over most of the opposition. The good days are coming again, brothers. Now get off this blog and get some champagne down you, make love to your lovers, send abusive Whatsapp messages to your co-workers.

Rangers are fuckin back.