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VIDEO: Barrie McKay scores one of the greatest Old Firm goals of all time

Rangers are in front in extra-time against Celtic courtesy of Super Barrie McKay.

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Thank Proddy Jesus for Barrie McKay. Rangers had let Celtic back into it and were flagging, but the wee man scored one of the greatest Old Firm games of all time to put the good guys in front in extra time.

Having had an excellent game already, the youngster dribbled through the centre of the park before unleashing an absolute missile into the top corner. Watch the video here:

You do not save those.

There's still the small matter of 20 minutes of football to get through. Come on Rangers, let's do this. We're in the second division! We're missing four attackers! Warburton, you absolute genius. If we do this I will celebrate for a month. I cannot take this, but this goal just made it a hell of a lot easier.

Serious question: Is this the second-greatest goal we've ever scored in an Old Firm game, Davie Cooper obviously with number one?