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Rangers Transfer News: Warburton says targets identified, £1m defensive midfielder linked

Kevin McDonald is the main new target mentioned as Rangers begin to look towards strengthening their squad for the upcoming season.

Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

Rangers' transfer targets for the summer of 2016 have mostly already been identified, according to Mark Warburton.

Mr Warburton said in his press conference that things were moving ahead and that he hoped to have most of his new-look squad in place before pre-season started on June 18th, saying:

"The planning has been in place for weeks, the meetings have been taking place and targets are still playing in other leagues so we have to make sure we don't impact that."

"We have to try and get the work done now and then when the time is right then you hope that if you can get three of four out of your five targets then you will be in good shape.

"We know we need four or five to come in and we will lose a few with the loan boys going back so we need to get the players in and ideally they're in by June 18 when we come back for pre-season."

"Our job is to highlight the level of recruit we need, maturity, experience, young, hungry etc. but we have done that.

"We are working closely with the board now and so far so good but you don't know until the player signs for you, there are so many ifs and buts that could happen in the meantime.

"We have to have options and put forward our first, second and third choice and hope we land the specific targets."

"Things depend on whether we will have a European campaign; we won't know that until after our semi-final. In that case we'd need one or two more."

All sounding very promising. But who might those targets be? Well, one name which has reappeared in the press with some new information is quite a familiar one. Kevin McDonald has edged ahead of Chris Brunt in the 'English-based decent midfielder most often linked to a move to Ibrox' sweepstake as he finds his way onto the rumours pages again. This was suggested quite recently, before he signed a new long-term deal, but it seems that since getting his new contract he's taken his foot off the accelerator somewhat, and the former Wolves player of the year is now struggling to get onto the bench. That means he's very likely to be sold unless he can drastically turn things around.

The good news is that he'd probably be an excellent player for us and the exact type of midfielder we're missing - essentially a better Andy Halliday, but more comfortable playing as a defensive midfielder while also being able to play a bit as well. The downside is that Wolves could demand as much as £1m for the midfielder - potentially out of our price range given that we need quantity as well as quantity. Our guess is that this one might be a Scott Allan/Toumani Diagouraga/Michael O'Halloran-esque saga that drags on through most of the summer, before we eventually get it done or end up disappointed.