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Ibrox to feature in new PES - here’s the extra special features included

The true authentic matchday experience.

Ibrox will be included in the next edition of Pro Evolution Soccer, bringing our famous home to the game in all its 3D, red-brick glory.

We’ve done a bit of digging, and here are just some of the features you can expect as you turn it on, take in the proud sight, and then remember that it’s not as good as FIFA anymore and all your mates are playing on that one anyway.

  • The famous Blue Sea of Ibrox will be there cheering you on, unless you play a pass backwards or generally go more than 20 seconds without a shot on target, at which point you will be greeted with a familiar loud chorus of boos.
  • Fan sections included - just as you can see the Yellow Wall and De Kuip in other world-renowned stadiums included in the game, witness the legendary Subway Loyal leave half the stands empty after 75 minutes of action.
  • Take a tour past some of the most famous sights Glasgow has to offer - including Emidston House and the legendary vape kiosks.
  • Brand new updated caterers to welcome in the Steven Gerrard era with incinerated, brick-hard pies.
  • Regular in-game news articles in career mode from Celtic bloggers claiming the stands are about to fall down which will require £40m of work forcing the club to declare bankruptcy any minute now.

We can’t wait.