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VIDEO: Daniel Candeias actually got sent off for this

Willie Collum, you have surpassed even our wildest expectations.

Rangers v Spartak Moscow - UEFA Europa League Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Willie Collum is a name feared throughout Scotland for good reason, but today he surpassed even our astonishingly high expectations for incompetence with a bizarre last-second sending off of Daniel Candeias for, apparently, getting put in a head lock.

With the cameras still focused on Alfredo Morelos celebrating his winning goal, it then transpired that Candeias had been sent off in the meantime. The winger was already on a yellow which he earned for celebrating his goal earlier in the half, but picked up another in an off the ball incident. Could the fiery Portuguese have lashed out for no reason? Well, the cameras managed to get a closer look.

Obviously it’s a second yellow and thus unable to be appealed, so that’ll mean he’ll have to sit out. Clearly, Rangers had just been making too many headlines and the supporters and journalists had forgotten the real reason they all showed up to the game - to see the Willie Collum show.