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Mark Warburton: Rangers haven't been bad, just unlucky

Our manager is sounding desperate or even worse.

Rangers v Hamilton: Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership Photo by Lynne Cameron/Getty Images

Mark Warburton claims that Rangers have been unlucky this season, and suffered from the 'random' nature of the game, pointing to the underlying stats to defend his team's performance.

Warburton said:

"I learned a lot from our previous owner at Brentford. He’s a mathematician and we learned a lot from him in terms of how he looks at games.

"The randomness; the ball goes to the back post, Kenny heads it to Jon Toral and it could go in. Joe Garner’s header pops off the goalkeeper, it could go in. Joe in the first-half at the far post is a stud away.

“There were so many random natures that didn’t go our way... So these are the random natures you look at and you hope over the course of a season they even themselves out.

“The key point as far as the fans are quite rightly concerned is that we dropped two points to Ross County.

"I quote the stats and, as always, you get misquoted. The fact is we had 15 corners, 26 shots, 18 on target and nine times out of ten we win that game of football.

“The fact is we have to be clinical in the final third, we need to trust our technique and take our chances. There were lots of good things but there is no denying the fact we dropped two points at home.”

Desperate stuff? Is Warburton right, or is this a plea for keeping his job? Or worse, a refusal to stare facts in the face? We'll have an article up about that very subject this afternoon, so stay tuned...