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Rangers 2-0 Raith Rovers: Gers go fourteen points clear, instant reaction and things we learned

Rangers coasted to a relatively simple 2-0 win over Raith Rovers to go fourteen points clear at the top of the Championship table and all but seal the title.

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

If it wasn't over before, it certainly is now. Rangers are fourteen points clear at the top of the table after a relatively simple 2-0 victory over Raith Rovers, with Hibs losing at Palmerston Park.

It was a comfortable win for the Gers, with goals from the exceptional Harry Forrester and Lee Wallace the difference, and while they could have scored more, it wasn't as frustrating as most recent games have been. Hopefully, we're starting to get back towards our high-scoring best.

Anyway, here are some conclusions to draw...

1. Hibs are a hell of a football team

We should feel privileged to have Hibs. There is surely no more majestic sight than a Hibs bottle-job in full flow. Magnificent stuff. Oh, and if you hadn't heard, the goalscorer was... our own Andy Murdoch.

2. The boy Burt looked very good

Alright, it's not really long enough to make a judgement, or the best situation, but Liam Burt nonetheless looked very tidy indeed when he came on. He had the youthful exuberance and confidence, but was able to make some real positive contributions too. We'd be surprised if this was his only gametime of the season.

3. We're not quite back, but we're getting there

Rangers still didn't get anywhere near the goals or clear chances that their dominance ought to have seen them gain, but it was better than it has been. Part of the problem was Nicky Clark, who buzzed around in an ineffective manner as he always does when he starts, failing to really get on the end of anything and being brushed off the ball with ease. There were also some other weird problems, like ball-greediness from Michael O'Halloran and Billy King, and some wayward shooting from distance, but this is, in an odd way, a good thing - we're moving to a more balanced approach, and while it'll take some time to settle, the advantages of it were evident today.

4. We're going to keep saying this

James Tavernier is a good defender. He is. Seriously. Watch him. He's not the greatest tackler but his positioning, interceptions and ability to track back and cover space intelligently are great. Not possessing the ability to be in two places at once does not make someone a bad defender. If a goalkeeper goes up for a last-minute corner, it gets cleared and the other team hoof it into the net from 60 yards, do we all say "och, that's shite goalkeeping, how did he let him score from there"? No, we do not, and it's exactly the same for full-backs. You've got to commit men forward to score and it makes you more vulnerable at the back. That's one of the things that makes football interesting. James Tavernier is a good defender. Yes, he sometimes gets caught too far up the pitch. He gets caught up the pitch because he takes risks. He takes risks because he wants to attack and score goals. And he wants to attack and score goals because he's the right-back for Rangers, not Stirling fucking Albion. So the next time you hear someone say "Tavernier's good going forward but no so good going the other way", sock them in the jaw.