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Morning roundup: Rangers First could split imminently, fixture changes, and more

The morning roundup contains some shady goings-on in the Rangers First elections, fixture changes, diddy team tactics and the latest pack of outrageous lies from Police Scotland.

Last week's clash between Cowdenbeath and Brechin City, as seen by Police Scotland.
Last week's clash between Cowdenbeath and Brechin City, as seen by Police Scotland.
Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

Happy Thursday, brothers. We hope the week's not taking too much toll on you, and you're not struggling with peak Rangers withdrawal symptoms that hit about this time. Alloa should be a welcome thrashing to hopefully get the likes of Martyn Waghorn actually scoring goals again, and we'll get to see more of Michael O'Halloran and that nice boy from Hearts with the lovely name. Hang in there.

Stave off the shakes until your lunchtime Martini with this hot, hot news:

Rangers First split incoming?

You may have seen on Twitter that strange rumblings are afoot among some of the nominess for the Rangers First board. This company appeared out of nowhere, with the two names mentioned being Graham Campbell and Ronnie Johnston, two members who put their names down for election.

Now here's where it gets slightly murky - the same two men also signed a pledge to keep Rangers First distinct from the club and to remain independent. Distinct from the club, fine - distinct from Rangers First is a whole other matter, and hasn't been mentioned in any of their statements on the RF website.

Now here's where it gets very murky - the ringleader of that pledge appears to be Brian Donohoe. Donohoe's former career as an MP could doubtless come in useful, and ordinarily GTBFO wouldn't talk about politics or consider it when voting. But there's politics and there's the times you cross over into morality. Just edging over the line. Or marauding across it naked in a double-decker bus. Still, not like we've ever had an image problem on any of those issues, is it, so what's the harm? We're sure he's competent enough. Ah, well. His website, such as it is, is also worth a look. Although Mr Donohoe's sheer staunchness appears to have led him to forget he was actually a Rangers fan when he mentioned simply having an interest in 'Soccer' on his website.

Even if you think the entity needs to be kept separate from the club, is this really the guy you want running it?

Morton game switches to Friday night

The Morton game has been moved to a Friday night to inconvenience everybody at the behest of Police Scotland. More on those fine fellows coming up.

Alloa to shorten their pitch

Alloa will resort to a classic diddy-team measure at the weekend by taking advantage of what the club charitably calls a "Scottish football rule" (translation: this was missed or unanticipated by the SFA) and reduce the width of their pitch by five yards on each side. This country.

Police concern at return of 'casual culture' in Scottish football

GTBFO likes to imagine this is the latest in an escalating game at Police Scotland where they compete to see the biggest and most obvious lie that will be lapped up by the papers and MPs. The bar has now been sat alarmingly high by declaring that we're heading back to the 80s and fans across the country are tooling up and rinsing the blood out of their Lacoste polos.

The article also includes the classic line "I have to make it clear though that the majority of the games pass off without incident." Well, along with Neil 'face like a wet weekend in' Doncaster's "We are very clear in the message that anyone who doesn't behave is not welcome at or around our stadiums and, indeed, these people are not entitled to call themselves football supporters."

Not entitled to call themselves football supporters! Non-supporters! Untouchables! Perhaps they'll take a look at the number of arrests at Calvin Harris' last appearance in Glasgow, and instead wonder what has to be done to this menace on society. Next time they'll all be shepherded in and filmed as they go in. They'll have to then sign a document promising that they're actually Calvin Harris fans, denied any alcohol and be banned for life if they sing along (alright, actually, that last one's not too bad an idea.)

Still, imagine if your club was one of the seven deemed to have 'no risk.' The embarrassment.