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Martyn Waghorn could leave Rangers in January - should we cash in?

Martyn Waghorn has been struggling this season, but getting rid of him would cause more problems than it solves.

Rangers v Celtic - Betfred Cup Semi Final Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Martyn Waghorn has had a pretty rotten start to life in the Scottish top flight, his contract is dwindling with renewal looking unlikely, and there are other teams interested in his services. That all appears to add up to the suggestion that he could be moving on as soon as January, and the Bristol Post believes that Bristol City would like to make a move.

Last season was a strange one for Waghorn, despite winning the player of the year award (an accolade that probably should have gone to James Tavernier or Barrie McKay, really.) Despite banging in plenty of goals, the need for a goalscorer was a common mantra among those with ideas about how to improve the squad, and Waghorn never looked truly comfortable as an all-round central striker.

Partly, this was due to the fact he's simply an odd player - he scored plenty of excellent goals, but missed a huge amount of otherwise simple chances, and was a lot better cutting inside and curling it into the far corner than getting on the end of crosses or simple cut-backs. A move out to the right wing threatened to solve this, but he soon looked lost in either position.

This season, he's struggled at almost everything, particularly since his injury, and looks like an increasingly poor fit for the system. He can't really find his way into the team and looks ineffective even off the bench - his woes are beginning to look less like a lack of form or fitness and more like a lack of ability.

There are problems with getting rid of him, however. Rangers aren't exactly going to turn a huge profit on Waghorn. 400k is the figure reported, which isn't a hugely significant amount. As for replacements in that area, we'd be left with an effective but ageing Kenny Miller, Joe Garner, on whom the jury is still very much out, and Joe Dodoo, on whom the jury is still very much having lunch and considering if he might not be better punted out on loan to, idk, Falkirk or somewhere.

In other words, selling Waghorn would probably necessitate finding a replacement in the same window, and that might be tricky in January. Rangers haven't really been linked to any other strikers save for Livingston's Matthew Knox, who is far too young to be playing for us right now anyway.

That would leave us with three options - shelling out money for a top striker (madness, after Garner's fee and the deficiencies elsewhere), or taking the lucky dip approach of trying to find a bargain or a loan from England, a strategy which appears to have taken us as far as it can. Unless Warburton has an ace up his sleeve, it doesn't look promising.

So, that's where we are. There might be many reasons to get rid of Waghorn, but a small profit and a weakened squad would be the result, at least temporarily. Unless some stories linking us to strikers begin to materialise, it looks likely he'll at least be here until the end of the season.