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Rangers to sack Kenny Miller and suspend Lee Wallace - reports

The fallout from Sunday could kill two more careers.

Rangers v Progres Niederkorn - UEFA Europa League First Qualifying Round Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images

Rangers will sack Kenny Miller and suspend Lee Wallace in the aftermath of Sunday’s fiasco, according to a report in the Scottish Sun.

The paper reports that both Miller and Wallace tore a strip off Graeme Murty after the defeat to Celtic, with both overstepping the mark.

There were more rammies at the time - Andy Halliday was tearing a strip off someone, although it’s not clear who, while Greg Docherty and Alfredo Morelos had to be separated at the final whistle.

However, Docherty and Morelos are both young and good and Wallace and Miller are both old and bad. There’s also the repeated, consistent and believable rumours that one or both of Miller and Wallace have been behind several dressing room leaks which have made their way into a certain award-winning Scottish fitbaw journalist who doesnae actually watch any matches or write about football’s column. Naming nae names.

Look, Miller is just a bad player and done at this point, to say nothing of his attitude and blatant disobedience both on and off the pitch. Lee Wallace stayed out of homesickness and security rather than loyalty and isn’t very good. We won’t miss either one and should be glad to see the back of both if they’re a disruptive influence. The board are reported as ‘backing the manager’ over this but Murty is set to be returned to the reserves soon enough. It’s a convenient excuse.

And as we’re sure one beleaguered man in Mexico might agree, any new manager can do without the self-serving dressing room politics undermining his authority.

Peace out Kenny Miller. You signed for Celtic and scored against us and celebrated that time and some people still consider you a legend and you think it’s because of your ability but it’s because half of our support are idiots.