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Bookies suspend betting on Rangers going into administration

Yer da’s blown the holiday money, son. Nae Lanzarote this year.

Soccer - Rangers Takeover
Photo by Lynne Cameron/PA Images via Getty Images

A couple of bookies have suspended betting on Rangers finishing bottom of the league, ostensibly due to rumours of administration.

This has led to a collective shrug from anyone who has any idea of how bookies work and frantic, feverish discussion and speculation among certain sections of the Scottish public.

“The bookies don’t get much wrong!” is the justification for taking any notice of this from the Celtic das, and it’s true, they don’t. That’s why they automatically suspend betting on very niche, ultra-high odds markets when they get any slight movement - such as Phil acolytes chucking a few quid on it after being convinced by one of his latest hilariously bad articles.

That’s if they’re not just at it and trying to generate free publicity, of course. Which they’re certainly not above.

In short - please ignore this and point and laugh at anybody taking it remotely serious for a second. In non-admin news, Rangers continue to make moves to re-jig the squad this January, but it’s not clear whether there’ll be anybody incoming in the next few days.

Oh, and if you do feel like taking the bet, you can still find it out there at some bookmakers. It’s generally around 1000/1, meaning that if you bet £10, you will lose £10 and be a sad gullible Tim.

P.S. Even if these rumours had the slightest grounding, it’s only a 15 point deduction for entering administration. Can’t these people count? Well, apparently not to 54, but we knew that...