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Is it time for Rangers fans to boycott Scottish football?

Fans of clubs across Scotland want Rangers stripped of trophies? Well, it’s time to fight fire with fire

Rangers v Progres Niederkorn - UEFA Europa League First Qualifying Round Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be aware of the Supreme Court judgement yesterday regarding the use of EBTs by Rangers and Murray International. Unsurprisingly, social media has been awash with fans of all the diddy clubs in Scotland demanding Rangers be stripped of any titles won during the period EBTs were in use despite Lord Nimmo Smith’s inquiry into the operation of the now-forbidden tax loophole.

With an outcry across Scottish football demanding some sort of ‘justice’ for Rangers’ ‘cheating’ (remember, the Supreme Court found Rangers only hadn’t paid the right level of tax), is it time Rangers fans boycotted all away fixtures?

Put simply, yes. Rangers fans should now refuse to take any away tickets for Scottish Premiership games for the foreseeable future. I’m sure this won’t sit well with some who enjoy their trips to away grounds to watch the Famous play but it’s time Rangers (as a club AND a support) flexed their muscles and leave the rest of the Premiership clubs to scramble to attract their OWN fans just to survive until the end of the season; when Rangers visited grounds last season we invariably drew the largest gate of the season for clubs across the country.

With several thousand visiting fans at every away game, Rangers fans are something of a cash-cow for Premiership clubs but that MUST stop while opposing fans actively campaign for the club to be stripped of honours. There will be some fans who want to continue attending away games given they have done so for years but there must be a strong stance taken by the support. The club’s name means much more than being able to tell your pals you’ve been to every away game in the last decade.

We’ve even seen Celtic release a statement demanding the SFA & SPFL launch a review into the findings of the Supreme Court in an attempt to appease the moon-howling sections of their support all while Peter Lawwell sits in a position of power atop Scottish football. The SFA have confirmed no further action will be taken however that hasn’t stopped Celtic Peter contradicting SFA Peter’s statement.

This week also marks five years since 10 of the 11 then-SPL clubs voted against allowing Rangers to remain in the top-flight, That in itself should have been reason enough for Rangers fans to never give them a penny again but, as we saw last season, the Rangers support travelled in numbers to dumps like Pittodrie, Tynecastle and Parkhead. Going forward there shouldn’t be another Rangers fan setting foot in their grounds. Let them struggle to make ends meet and tighten their belts to make up the shortfall.

When it comes to home games, every club should be given the absolute minimum number of tickets allowed. No more Broomloan for the Celtic fans, they can just get fired into the Sandy Jardine West corner like all the rest. The days of them having a full stand at Ibrox must end now.

Of course, some will make the argument that it will put the team at a disadvantage but there’s nothing that backs that up. Spanish clubs regularly travel with less than a hundred fans and it’s never been something mentioned as a disadvantage to the visiting team. Some will also want to put their own reasons for travelling before those of the club or wider fanbase but there needs to be a unified position across the support.

Ultimately, something needs to be done or this will be an issue which will continue to be one of the main talking points in Scottish football as the tail continues to wag the dog. If fans want to come after Rangers’ trophies then so be it; we’ll come after your club and, just like with Mike Ashley and his ‘tanks’, there’s only ever going to be one winner.


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