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Betting challenge: Profits incoming, plus £25 bonus offer when you bet £5

We knew this would work.

Oaks Day Photo by Vince Caligiuri/Getty Images

A mixed week for our punters - Rangers got a draw, finding the gap between the hard-nose realists who assumed we were on for a doing and the wild-eyed hubricists who thought we'd somehow win. Nonetheless, results elsewhere went well for Callum and Dougie, with a lower-league treble and a Kilmarnock away win coming in nicely. We were put to shame, however, by one punter who signed up to our special offer ending up £250 to the good off his £5 deposit. Remarkable.

This week, everybody's predicting Pedro Caixinha to get off to a fine start, while elsewhere Aberdeen are backed to triumph over Hearts, and Partick Thistle are also tipped to win.

The totals so far (holiday money blown on Cheltenham not pictured...)

Callum £84.50 (£19.50 profit last week, £34.50 profit overall)

Dougie £83.82 (£40 profit last week, £33.82 profit overall)

John £38 (No bet last week, £12 loss overall)

Phantom £25 (£5 loss last week, £25 loss overall)

FettyWATP £15 (no bet last week, £35 loss overall)

James £10 (£10 loss last week, £40 loss overall)

All of our odds are courtesy of McBookie. Sign up through GTBFO by clicking this link, and get a £25 bonus when you bet just £5.

Callum Hamilton (GTBFO Right Worshipful Master)

Rangers -1 - £10 at 31/40

Aberdeen to win - £10 at 3/4.

I'll pile on the same bet everybody else is, namely that Pedro Caixinha will consummate his relationship with Rangers by pumping Hamilton. Elsewhere, Hearts are pish away so I predict no favours from the useless bastards.

Dougie Wright (Statistical egghead)

Rangers -1 - £10 at 31/40

Partick Thistle to win - £10 at 6/4

Rangers should beat Hamilton handily, while Killie's home form is honking and Partick are looking good.

Sign up to McBookie through GTBFO by clicking this link, and get a £25 bonus when you bet just £5.

The Phantom (Phantom)

Rangers -2 - £10 at 21/10.

Hubris, thy name is Pedro. I should really do this before I start my Friday drinking.

James Black (GTBFO Senior Warden)

Rangers to win - £5 at 2/7

Celtic to win - £5 at 1/5

Rangers should get a bounce from Pedro coming in and taking his first game, and almost everytime I've tipped Celtic to drop points they've won so let's see if tipping then to win has the same effect.