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VIDEO: A totally pished Rod Stewart does the Scottish Cup draw

Rod may have be

The Queen & Duke Of Edinburgh Attend Awards Ceremony At The Royal Academy Of Arts Photo by Jeff Spicer - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Rod "the Prod" Stewart may have been able to help us out by agreeing to the old ball in the fridge routine to get us a home draw against Greenock Morton, but it has to be said he was pretty good value.

He might be a total embarrassment, fair enough, but treating the draw with the seriousness it deserves and doing it completely mwi made for some pretty interesting viewing.

Oh, and, in case you want the rest of the draw, you can find that out here. Rangers got yet another statistically improbable (well, alright, 50/50 - is it any wonder that regular readers of Phil's blog might not understand Gambler's Fallacy?) home tie. There wasn't too much exciting other than the news that Aberdeen will be papped out by Ross County, but it's early days yet.

Please, SFA, more embarrassing pished vaguely-Scottish celebrities doing cup draws in the future.