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Mark Warburton Approval Rating results, 13th September

The results are in, and Mark Warburton unsurprisingly still has the backing of the fans

Rangers v Hamilton: Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership Photo by Lynne Cameron/Getty Images

The results of the inaugural Rangers Managerial Approval Rating are in, and it’s fairly interesting.

172 of you voted, which is a fair number and hopefully fairly representative. While some criticised the timing of the poll, and suggested it was too early to decide, the point is to gauge the approval rating over time. It’s weird timing coming immediately after an Old Firm defeat, but we’ll see if things pick up (or not) in the coming months.

Despite the hammering at Parkhead, the fans seem to be overwhelmingly in favour of sticking with Mr Warburton and backing him strongly. Hardly anyone actually thought he should be sacked (about 5%, proving the old adage that 5% of folk will believe in anything), and few thought the matter should even be seriously considered. A solid six was the most common vote.

So, what’s the overall figure?