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The Rangers Managerial Approval Rating: Vote Now!

Introducing the Rangers Managerial Approval Rating, reluctantly put to public vote

Rangers v Hamilton: Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership Photo by Lynne Cameron/Getty Images

Since our manager, Mr Warburton, is no longer immune to criticism, his honeymoon being over and the first "you forgot to empty the dishwasher AGAIN?" tiffs have begun to flare in our marriage, we thought it might be a good idea to keep track of how things are going. Presidents and Prime Ministers have approval ratings, so why not the far more important job of Rangers manager?

This simple system will allow you to vote for how happy you are with the job Mr Warburton is doing, on a scale of one to ten. Then, we’ll tot up the results and give a percentage to see how the fanbase thinks he’s doing. Simple. But first, a guide, to make sure we’re all using the same method. Here’s our suggested scoring system:

10: I wish we had a pope as well so we could appoint Mark Warburton

9: Should be given a blank contract and trusted through thick and thin

8: Give that man a new deal and as much money as he needs to get this done

7: Solid, let him keep doing what he’s doing, we’re on the right track

6: A few misgivings, but overall he’s the right man for the job and getting us there

5: Probably keep him, but I’m becoming disillusioned somewhat

4: I wouldn’t lose any sleep if he was sacked, put it that way

3: It’s probably time for him to go, aye.

2: Get him sacked, pronto.

1: Get him sacked, strip his brown brogues and Rangers tie from him in a public ceremony and whip him with sashes as he walks naked out of Ibrox

Alright. Now, vote away: