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Joey Barton trolls Scott Brown on Twitter over his Rangers past

The shoots have started early in the Old Firm renaissance, with Joey Barton and Scott Brown exchanging words.

David Cannon/Getty Images

When Joey Barton is in your team, every week is shoot week. Just after saying that the Celtic captain wasn't in his league, Scott Brown thought he'd take a jibe back, saying that both the players had something in common as Barton was a Celtic fan.

Unfortunately for Brown, that proved to be a bad move. Barton hit back in style this evening, with an easy retort:

POW! It seems obvious now, but it's probably true that most of the Joey Barton fears can be best summed up as: yes, he may be a rocket, but he's our rocket. The fact that he has other edges over Scott Brown besides his wit, E.g. being able to trap and pass a football, will also be a nice wee bonus for the season ahead.