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QUIZ: Who said it - Joey Barton or Friedrich Nietzsche?

As Joey Barton travels to Ibrox for a medical with Rangers, get in the spirit of welcoming our new midfielder with our hilarious quiz.

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Joey Barton is up in Glasgow for a medical and will join Rangers, perhaps to be announced later today or tomorrow.

Barton's had a fair bit of controversy throughout his career, but he also considers himself an intelligent footballer, and hasn't been afraid to delve into the odd bit of philosophy or speak out on controversial subjects in his time.

One other player who was very much the Joey Barton of his era was Friedrich Nietzsche, the bad boy of philosophy. You might think that Nietszche's ideas would be a bit wordier than Barton's, but try our quiz to see whether you can guess whether each quote was uttered by the former Newcastle, QPR and Burnley midfielder or by the renowned German philosopher - you might be a bit surprised, as it's harder than you think!

Try out our quiz below. Tell us how you got on in the comments. Good luck!