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Rangers vs Raith Rovers: Prediction league and results

The prediction league remains largely deadlocked after a low-scoring round against St. Mirren, but that could change as Rangers take on Raith Rovers.

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

It's that time again, brothers. Unfortunately, it was another pretty poor round of predictions for the St Mirren game, with only Ketaminedrams getting any points at all by virtue of correctly predicting the score (nobody guessed the scorer, not even hardcore Harry Forrester apologists Euangtaylor or Taymeister90.)

So, that leaves our table largely unchanged and looking like this:

JohnnyUtah100 6

Callum 'I'm not eligible for the prize, swear down' Hamilton 3

Johnnyfitba 3

Stramashes 3

ketaminedrams 3

ceejaymcturk 2

JG93 0

Taymeister90 0

Euangtaylor 0

JhnHpr 0

RSC240 0

Give us your predictions below for tonight's game against Raith Rovers, then, as Rangers look to take advantage of the simultaneous Queen of the South 2-1 Hibs result. Remember: predict a correct score and ONE goalscorer. You'll get three points if you get the score right, two points if your man scores, and a bonus point for getting both. Don't let an Aberdeen or Clyde fan win the prize, for christ's sake.