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Queen of the South 0-1 Rangers, Fan Player Ratings: Vote now

Cast your votes to pick the best and worst of the Rangers players in their narrow 1-0 win over Queen of the South.

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Alright, without further ado, we'll pick up where we left off with our fan player ratings. We missed out the last game as, due to the fact everybody who didn't go would've been watching on Periscope, we felt the usual calm, considered analytical methods used by our readers (give everybody who didn't score 1 if we lose, give everybody an 8 or 9 who scores no matter how they played, pick other numbers entirely at random) might have been jeopardised.

So, back to it. Vote away. A reminder of our scoring system we'd like you to adhere to:

10: A career-defining performance of such beauty and genius that you thank God you were alive to witness it. Barry Ferguson vs. Sporting Lisbon.

9: Really stunning performance from a brilliant player. A dominant, phenomenal display of rare quality. Brian Laudrup in the cup final vs Hearts.

8: An excellent, man-of-the-match-worthy display. Did very little wrong and was decisive when it mattered. Lovenkrands in the 2002 final against Celtic.

7: A good, solid performance, played very well, didn't make any mistakes, showed a bit of class but not a truly dominant display. Neil McCann in the same game.

6: Got the job done, did what was asked of them, put a shift in, no real complaints. Darren McGregor in every single game last season.

5: An average performance, the game perhaps passing them by slightly, not particularly effective or influential. Every game Nicky Law has ever played for Rangers.

4: Sub-par, struggled to get going, perhaps anonymous, perhaps made errors, perhaps looked a wee bit lost. Kirk Broadfoot in the 3-2 in 2008.

3: Poor. Nothing came off, the game was too good for them, and they stood out as not being good enough. Jig in the Old Firm League Cup game under McDowall.

2: Terrible. Just totally lost in a game that nothing went right for them at all in. Out of their depth. Ricky Foster in the 4-0 against Hibs.

1: One for the ages, genuinely worse than if they hadn't been there at all. Cammy Bell vs Motherwell.

Now get voting. If you also wish to leave any comments on individual players in the comments, we'll publish those with the results tomorrow.