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Rothen and Cousin on French TV: My flat had a view of Celtic Park. Rangers made me draw the curtains!

Jerome Rothen and Daniel Cousin were on SFR in France, giving some Rangers anecdotes...

Rangers v Sevilla - UEFA Champions League Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Jerome Rothen and Daniel Cousin have been on SFR in France, and took the opportunity to divulge a few anecdotes about Rangers.

Rothen started by mentioning the time a French journalist wanted to interview him just after he signed. "After training we went to a bar. I'd only been there fifteen days. Everybody was looking at us, and I couldn't understand the accents very well. The guy behind the bar pointed at us both and told us we had to leave. I asked him what I had done, but it was a Celtic bar, and they told us Rangers men weren't welcome."

Well, not sure what you were expecting there, Jerome. A red carpet? La Marseillaise on the fiddle and bodhrán? Still, Rothen then goes on to talk about life in Glasgow...

"I had a beautiful apartment in Glasgow. But I had a view from the window, far away of Celtic Park. But very far away! I had been there three weeks, one day a guy from the club came round. He drew the curtains. I told him I needed to have some light in the apartment, but he said 'no, it's Celtic Park.' It was like the stadium had some sort of power."

Aye, right. Daniel Cousin seemed to be a wee bit more respectful, constantly talking us up during the interview, saying:

"The supporters were incredible. Ibrox had an incredible atmosphere... it was a very beautiful city, too."

Rothen scoffs at the description of Glasgow as a beautiful city, where Cousin defends it as "a mini-London" to much mirth from the former, before he backtracked and said how lovely Scotland was, before adding "it's a real religion there, football." Hmm.

Cousin also went on to say that he regretted his move to Hull (not so nice a city, he says), and says he did it for the money, and that it was a bad decision in football terms.

Anyway, that's about the limit of our French language skills. Interesting stuff. If you happen to be a Francophone yersel, tu peux les voir ici.