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Morning roundup: Another signing on the way, Warburton on Dave King

This morning includes a potential transfer, Mark Warburton talking about Dave King's backing, and yet another lengthy diatribe on Glasgow's restaurants.

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Morning, brothers. A new signing always helps to brighten up the week, even if it is a bit weird that we're loaning folk from Hearts now. Fortunately, Mr Warburton has found the only player in the world whose name alone would remove all doubts, and so we can concentrate on welcoming him to the team (let's just hope he doesn't get into a feud with our goalkeeping coach, Jim Stewart (Wee historical joke for you there, and aye, I know I said it three times on Twitter looking for RTs yesterday, and I don't care.)

Anyway, here's your news.

Rangers set to sign Southampton's Harrison Reed on loan

This story appeared first on HITC, so we disregarded it, but now it's in the Mail, seemingly from their own information. Then Keith Jackson said there was nothing in it. Unfortunately this window has been a victory for the "I won't believe a word until I see them holding a scarf at Ibrox" brigade. Your guess is as good as ours on this one.

Mark Warburton trusts Dave King

Which is nice of him. There's no doubt that this window hasn't been perfect (although there's still a couple of days left) but it's highly unlikely that if we had no money or intention of spending it we'd have pursued our targets so publicly. There's been some suggestion the O'Halloran deal is now haggling over the structure of the fee, but as Mr Warburton says, there's no need to take any gambles at this point - we'll still go up easily.

Billy King arrives

The transfer of the century has happened, so find out where we think he'll fit into the team. He's likely to be in the squad for the Falkirk game, too.

Sevco of the week

Gedion Zelalem's struggles at Rangers

Some of you may be interested to read this piece that occasional GTBFO contributor Callum Hamilton wrote about Zelalem's time at Rangers so far.

Jacker de Viande closes

There's no link for this for some reason, but it's true. Not that we're trying to turn this last bit into a regular Glasgow food column or anything, but while GTBFO never likes to see businesses closing down, thank christ the tide is turning against places like this. GTBFO enjoys a visit to Nice n' Sleazy's as much as the next man, but the burger is not in itself an item of food so great that places devoted to it deserve to take up 30% of the average British city.

There's also something about burger places attracting the most offensive decor imaginable, which Jacker de Viande was certanly guilty of. Has nobody told these people that a restaurant is supposed to be a relaxing place? You can get away with a lot of stuff within that, even if you want a club atmosphere, keep the lights and ceilings low. Pigs heads are for eating, not for decoration. This isn't adventurous or exciting, or else it wouldn't resemble a thousand other places like it.

All we want to know is one simple thing: Is a single affordable French bistro and a single top-class restaurant honestly too much to ask?

Please leave your Glasgow food recommendations in the comments.