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Striker wants Rangers transfer, waiting on contact

Remember Vladislavs Gutkovskis? The young Latvian striker was on trial at Rangers and says he'd like a transfer.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Vladislavs Gutkovskis, who you may remember was on trial at Rangers a few weeks ago, has been talking to the press, and it seems he's quite keen on a move.

Gutkovskis said that he scored a hat-trick in a trial match, and was told that the club would get back to him, and is now waiting on an offer.

The Skonto Riga striker said:

"I was in Glasgow and I really liked it there.

"Rangers treated me very well and after the trial the manager spoke to me and told me they would be waiting for me once I got back.

"I felt I did very well. I played in a match and scored three goals and we won 5-0.

"My agent has told me about the interest from both Sparta and Dukla Prague, so there should be something soon.

"I have a year left with Skonto but everyone knows about their financial situation being not the best.

"I want to play abroad to improve my game and I am waiting on Rangers coming back to me to see if they want me."

Having to go to the press about this is rarely a good sign, of course, and we do have our own Ryan Hardie to consider, but the Latvian sounds like he could be the more straightforward striker that we're missing in the squad.

As ever, updates on the Rangers Transfer News hub when they happen.