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Matt Crooks posts, then deletes cryptic tweet about a "new future"

Any guesses?

Northampton Town v Scunthorpe United - Sky Bet League One Photo by Pete Norton/Getty Images

Matt Crooks is one name that has mostly been forgotten since the season started. When Josh Windass initially looked excellent, Crooks' return to fitness was eagerly anticipated since he was claimed to be the superior of the two players. Yet fast forward a few weeks, and some pretty poor performances at both senior and Under-20 level left him without a place in the squad. He was duly shipped off to Scunthorpe on loan.

Crooks hasn't exactly been pulling up any trees there, but he did tweet this, this afternoon:

Followed by a fairly swift deletion.

So, is Crooks set for a recall? Or has he been informed that there's no place for him at Rangers? The former seems more likely, since the latter would be a decision for any incoming Director of Football and head coach. Alternatively of course, there's option three: that he was talking about something else entirely and deleted it because people assume that everything footballers talk about is a cryptic transfer reference.