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Rangers could face Progres Niederkorn yet again in Europa League playoff

It’s happening again.

Rangers v Progres Niederkorn - UEFA Europa League First Qualifying Round Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images

Rangers could get an opportunity to avenge the ghosts of last year after the playoff draw gave us a chance to face Progres Niederkorn again.

Rangers will be seeded should they get past NK Maribor, and the playoff tie will be against either Progres or Russian outfit Ufa, who they’ll face in this round.

Ufa will be the favourites to progress through the tie, but with the team struggling in their own league, they’re not too much better on paper than some of the teams Progres have put out already, so the prospect of another trip to Luxembourg is a very real one.

Of course, with Ufa being 2,297 miles from Glasgow, and Progres being a theoretically weaker team, Rangers should probably hope our old friends do manage to get through the tie.

Oh, and that away trip? It could be taking place right before the slightly shorter jaunt to Celtic...