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Rangers close to signing Ryan Gauld

A move could be imminent.

England U19 v Scotland U19 Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Ryan Gauld could be about to move to Rangers, according to the Portuguese media.

Jamie Murphy’s season-ending ACL injury has left us short of options, and that’s been noted in the press over in Portugal, who claim that Gauld is close to signing for us on loan, with an option to buy at a later date.

It’s not really an ideal move - Gauld has been very much a central midfielder in his past few up and down seasons, but he’s probably still more than capable of doing a stint on either wing, in the middle and at number 10.

His career hasn’t quite taken off as stratospherically as Scotland fans might have hoped, but there was certainly a player in him when he was at Dundee United and within his now-tanned flesh it must presumable still reside. An intriguing move, and one that could be pretty low risk for the opportunity of gaining a player who is, on some level, still one of Scotland’s brightest talents.

More as we get it.