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Steven Gerrard likely to be next Rangers manager

It’s insane, but it might just work

Manchester City v Liverpool - UEFA Youth League Quarter-Final Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Steven Gerrard is looking likely to be the next manager of Rangers.

There had been rumours throughout the start of the week about the appointment, but it seemed to be bookies at it, as is often the case with managerial shortlists and betting patterns.

However, Andy Devlin broke ranks last night and published the story that Rangers were deep in talks in the Sun. Devlin is a well-connected journalist with Rangers and has a reputation to uphold - while it might not be a 100% guaranteed thing, he’s certainly not adding two and two together from betting patterns and Dave King’s sighting at Anfield during the week.

So, what to make of this? Well, at a time when pretty much everyone agrees Rangers need an experienced, veteran coach, it is utter insanity. But I think we can agree at this point - Dave King is a gambler. It just seems to be the way he does things. And this is certainly one hell of a gamble.

Interestingly, it’s a pretty big gamble on the part of Gerrard, too. Want your first job in management? How about a club with limited resources and infinite expectations? Whose rivals have vast spending power, where the fans demand constant victories and you’re only ever one defeat or even draw away from a crisis? Where your team will be booed if they’re not winning at half-time?

If nothing else, our likely new manager at least has a brass set.