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Josh Windass’ interview: A dissection

Dearie me, where to start?

Rangers v Shkupi - UEFA Europa League Qualifying Round Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

So, Josh Windass’ interview with Si Ferry has dropped, and boy is it a belter. Strap yourselves in boys, we’re going on a deep dive. Watch the whole thing below, but here’s some choice takeaways and our carefully considered thoughts.

DISCLAIMER: Quotes are mostly paraphrased and not verbatim because I just wrote down the gist of it and can’t be arsed listening to that shite multiple times. I didn’t go to journalism school, I don’t do shorthand, so deal with it. I didn’t misrepresent the guy - E.g. by claiming he was an extremely good footballer with a very smart, witty, urbane and attractive da, or anything like that.

“The Rangers fans didn’t have the patience for Mark Warburton’s possession style of football”

Rangers fans want to win. We don’t care how you do it. Some clubs do! We don’t! You weren’t winning!

“We got beat by Celtic and someone came up to me in the dressing room and said we let you down, you were outstanding.”

Then a beautiful girl came and kissed me and asked me on a date. You wouldn’t know her, she stays up my grans bit. My da was in the SAS and would batter yours.

“I can’t even be arsed listening to this, it’s doing my head in” - responding to Kenny Miller lambasting the team for drawing to Kilmarnock

If there were ever a legal investigation into how that Rangers team so comprehensively shat the bed, this would be Exhibit A

“Players would get stick and shit themselves. I just wanted to play well, I tried to do stuff extra to prove that I’m right.”

Being out for yourself and your own image and ego? I do hope this doesn’t become a recurring theme in this interview.

Some billy bollocks about how hilarious it is to act like fannies in a restaurant when other folk are having a nice dinner

What would Mr Struth say?

“I don’t know what happened after that”

About the Joey Barton contretemps. Aye, OK pal.

“[Joey Barton’s] standards were that high”

Not sure whether to go with “Not high enough to avoid getting humiliated in every game he played” or just “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”, pick your favourite

“Warbs has been sacked? That’s mad. Noone saw it coming.”

Nobody saw Mark Warburton getting sacked after that season? That speaks mair fuckin volumes than the Encyclopedia Britannica audiobook.

“Looking back now he were doing a good job because every manager that came after finished third.”

Yes, except there was only one permanent manager after him, who you and the other players did your very best to undermine. He’s doing quite well now actually, how’s Wigan Athletic’s bench?

“The fans expected us to do a lot better than what we was doing, which was, at the time, what we was”

So you were just shite? Well, fair enough, we won’t disagree.

“The managers since have had millions to spend on players”

The managers of several teams who looked miles better than us didn’t.

“He was trying to be a prick to me, he told me I could leave, I said I’m not leaving”

Nobody in England wanted me

“I played against Watford in pre-season and I was unbelievable, he was my best mate after that day”

Just as an aside, Josh Windass has not described any of his own performances as anything other than incredible, unbelievable, on fire - in the games we lost it’s “we weren’t good”

“I wanted to stay at Rangers because I didn’t want people to think I’d failed”

And now you play for Wigan giants Wigan Athletic. The last laugh.

“Boys like Bruno and Daniel were good pals with the manager, they would take his side”

According to those in the know, this is not really the case and the Portuguese contingent were not joined at the hip with Pedro. So this is most likely either speculation based on nationality or an outright lie.

“The fans were getting on people’s back. He’s just give a pass away, it’s against Partick, who cares?”

On shushing the fans. The attitude that won 54 titles on full display.

“I got made to apologise.”“Who made you do that, the manager?”

“No...[JIM TRAYNOR]... pfffff....[JIM TRAYNOR]... no.... [JIM TRAYNOR] ... the media team [Aye there we go]”

“We were playing crap football, we weren’t good enough... the team he was picking weren’t good enough. I thought he’d go after the Motherwell game, I thought.. we ain’t scoring here”

You’re an attacker, Josh.

The dog barks and the caravan goes on story. Fallout is one of the most popular game series going, even spiceboys know alternate definitions of the word ‘caravan’.

“He’d lost the senior players... they weren’t playing at the time, but the senior players were saying ‘what about that training session, we haven’t worked on this...’ so everyone was worried going into games”

This is a long winded way to say “Yes, Miller and Wallace undermined the manager.”

“We were apprehensive about who was getting the job after Pedro left, because we knew we had a good side”

Hold on, weren’t you just shite a few minutes ago?

“We said if we beat these tomorrow, we’ll win the league. Simunovic got sent off and I thought we’re gonnae win this, 4-2, 5-2. Edouard bends one in the top corner and the whole mood changed. The whole club. It was weird, I’ve never seen owt like it”

Was hoping for more on this, but I suppose we’ll never know what actually happened after that game.

Anyway, then Gerrard gets appointed.

“I said to him, I’m not a wide player, it got to deadline day and I got a text saying Rangers had had a bid accepted for two and a half million. I messaged the gaffer, I met him and he said I had a decision to make. I thought, if you’re willing to accept two and a half million for a player with that number of goals and assists - maybe not performances - then see you later.”

That you weren’t annoyed about leaving Rangers for Wigan, but just annoyed at being sold for £2.5m, tells you all you needed to know about who you left Rangers and were sold to Wigan for £2.5m.

“He said the board accepted this offer, I want to keep you, it’s up to you”

This is like when every player who gets released then goes on to do well elsewhere is told they were let go because they were “too small” - IE it is a euphemism for “you’re shite, son”

“He didn’t seem that happy. I don’t know if he’d be bothered now, but-”

No. No he wouldn’t. And we need a number ten.

“I was pissed off they accepted an offer at that level”

Fair enough. We weren’t. Looking like quite a good deal in hindsight really.

Best of British luck at Wigan reserves, Josh.