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How could Rangers line up after the January window?

Rangers are likely to see four more players coming in this week, as we’ve laid out elsewhere on the site. So how does that mean we’ll be lining up for the rest of the season?

The immediate thing to notice is that it’s very difficult to fit all of our new players and our good existing ones into the same team. What that means is... options! Players on the bench who can change things! Different styles for different opponents! What luxuries lie ahead!

Much has been made of the potential of a Cummings/Morelos strike partnership, but it’s actually quite hard to see how it would work. In the diamond system, it would mean that Jamie Murphy misses out, as well as Daniel Candeias. Meanwhile, in a 4-4-2, more than one of Ryan Jack, Ross McCrorie, Graham Dorrans and Greg Docherty will have to sit on the bench (to say nothing of Jason Holt, Jamie Barjonas and Sean Goss.)

With that in mind, we’d maybe expect to see a few different formations tried, but for the most part, we’d expect something like this.

Just look at all that lovely depth!

How would you like to see the team line up for the rest of the season? Let us know in the comments.