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VIDEO: Pedro Caixinha faces off with Chris Sutton

Chris Sutton decided to be a fud after the game but Pedro put him in his place.

Rangers v Progres Niederkorn - UEFA Europa League First Qualifying Round Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images

Rangers pick up a nice away win after a pretty... interesting start to the season. A great game, live on television. You then have the opportunity to interview the manager afterwards - so, obviously, you decide to nitpick and wilfully misunderstand a point he made months ago.

Yep, Pedro Caixinha once again had to explain his “I have the best squad” comments, and Sutton tried to coax him into a direct comparison of our squad to Celtic’s. Fortunately, Caixinha put him in his place and explained, as if to a child, what he actually, obviously meant when he said it.

Well in, Pedro. Get them telt.

It was a pretty interesting game on the whole, and you can find our reaction to it here - Rangers are in not too bad a position now, and with the squad set to have four days off, we can look forward to relaxing a wee bit about the start to the season.