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Rangers granted UEFA license to play in Europa League


Rangers fans

Rangers have been granted a UEFA license to participate in next season's Europa League.

You can find the full document on the SFA's website here, which confirms the award, and the 'Platinum' award for Rangers' youth academy. Caley Thistle appear to have been KB'd, presumably for their ground capacity, but everyone seems to be in with no problems otherwise. Because that's the completely normal state of affairs.

Of course, this should come as no surprise to any sane person at all, but there had been plenty of 'rumours' from certain blogs that no license would be forthcoming for a wide variety of madey-up reasons. So you can probably expect some good auld Sevcoing appearing on your Twitter timeline very soon.

So, apart from that, everything's going on as normal. Oh, well, it's the Old Firm tomorrow. Catch us on Twitter during the match and on here after for coverage of that one.