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Barry Ferguson set to be named Pedro Caixinha's assistant at Rangers?

Was Bob Malcolm unavailable?

Barry Ferguson

Rangers could appoint Barry Ferguson as assistant to Pedro Caixinha.

Caixinha has already confirmed that he'll seek out a local coach with links to Scotland and the club to fill the role of assistant, despite bringing his own man, Helder Baptista, in already.

According to the Scottish Sun's chief football writer Robert Grieve, Ferguson could be that man. Keith Jackson of the Daily Record, who is close to Barry, also suggested that could be the case.

Now, Ferguson is rightly loved by many of us for his time as a player here, but his spell as Clyde boss suggests he's not really got much to bring to the table as a coach. We'll also have to hope he's matured a fair bit and doesn't prove to be an undermining influence on the manager.

So, a bit of a risk, for seemingly not very much reward at all. We're not convinced on this, but we still love Barry, so of course we'll give him our full support if he gets the role. As for how likely it is to happen - it's looking like a distinct possibility, but we'd keep an eye on things in the press. If Jackson comes out with something more concrete you can probably bet it's a goer.