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Why Pedro Caixinha seems completely different to Mark Warburton already

Pedro Caixinha already seems like a perfect antidote to the Warburton era.

Rangers Unveil New Manager Pedro Caixinha Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Pedro Caixinha's press conference at his unveiling and today to preview the Hamilton game have mostly left fans and journalists impressed with his patter, and while words need to be backed up with deeds, the signs so far are pretty promising.

One early sign of encouragement was when Caixinha was asked to set goals for this season. While most managers (and certainly the dearly departed Mark Warburton) would have mentioned taking things one game at a time and seeing where we could end up, Caixinha immediately mentioned winning the Scottish Cup. While some fans appeared to want a dyed-in-the-wool Rangers fan managing the club, Caixinha seems to understand the pressures and aims of a club like Rangers intuitively - and often better than any of those candidates would've.

Today, there were also two revealing questions. Firstly, about his preparation for other teams. Caixinha immediately went into a two-minute response detailing Hamilton, Martin Canning, their likely formation, their best players, and the mentality with which they would approach the game. That will look a whole lot better with a convincing win on Saturday, but Warburton couldn't have told anyone the name of the Hamilton manager - his endless insistence that it was all about Rangers might have been tempting to believe, especially against Hamilton at Ibrox, although even in that fixture his team suffered.

Secondly, Caixinha spoke at length about the need to be more aggressive both in defence and attack. This is perhaps the most crucial - Warburton's Rangers looked after the ball very well, but didn't seem to know what to do with it, and certainly didn't know what to do without it. A more bold and determined approach at the sharp ends of the pitch will be a radical departure in style, and hopefully one which will produce better results and suit the players we have with more efficiency.

Caixinha's Rangers might not have played a competitive game yet, and of course we could end up no better. But from the man's words alone so far, he looks like a breath of fresh air.