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Rangers will appoint new manager before Celtic game... maybe

Rangers will have a new manager, but Murty will be in charge. Apparently.

Rangers could appoint a new boss before they take on Celtic... or not. According to the Sun and the Daily Record.

The two biggest sports sections are in direct contrast to each other tomorrow, with the Record claiming that Rangers will appoint an interim if they can't get the manager they want before the Old Firm game. The Sun, in contrast, state that we definitely won't be getting a caretaker manager, and that Graeme Murty will be in charge for the Tims and possibly beyond.

So, to sum it up, nobody has a clue. Given that interviews have not long started, and a Director of Football isn't in place yet, it seems a bit presumptuous. As we reported last week, Alex McLeish was being seriously considered for an interim appointment, but that seems to have fallen through, leaving the board with no obvious option. However, they could go for a manager right away - although if Frank de Boer is the target they decide on, that's very unlikely to happen until summer.

We'll keep you posted as we get it...