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A winner who can develop youth: Rangers explain what type of manager club will look to hire

There's no decision on an interim or permanent manager, but Rangers will look for a man with a youth focus.

Jay Mansfield

Rangers still haven't made any decisions regarding a new manager, according to Managing Director Stewart Robertson, whether on an interim or permanent basis. However, he did lay out exactly what the club will look for in a new manager.

"We need a strong character. Someone with a strong mentality. Someone who understands and gets what Rangers is all about. Most of all, we need someone who is a winner. Someone who really gets what we're all about, which is winning."

"You're in the entertainment business, people are paying a lot of money . They want to see us win, but if we can win with a bit of flair as well, that's better. We also want someone who's going to allow us to continue the good work done in the academy. That's a key part of the club's plan going forward - we want to see young players in the first team. Ideally, we want a manager who's going to give the younger boys a chance in the first team. There's a desire to bring someone in who will work closely with the academy."

Hard to disagree with either of those two things. Let's just hope our interpretation of them doesn't turn out to be Billy Davies (don't worry, it won't.)