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OFFICIAL: Rangers confirm they will change to a Director of Football structure

Rangers will move towards a new structure with the next managerial appointment.

Rangers Hold Extraordinary General Meeting At Ibrox Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Rangers will appoint a Director of Football in addition to a new manager, confirmed Managing Director Stewart Robertson.

"We want to be seen to be a modern football club. We see that sometimes managers leave, and a lot of the structure leaves with them. That's no use. We can't have that changing every time a manager chances. A Director of Football gives you that continuity. It means that if a manager or coach does leave, you're only replacing that one person, and the philosophy of the club continues."

Robertson also spoke about the managerial recruitment process, more on which will be coming up. It's nice to have a few wee updates about how things are going on and for the board to keep up their aims of transparency - with both Dave King and now Robertson having laid out a plan for the near future, we should have some idea soon of where we're going.